My name is Kelley and I am an illustrator of concept worlds and comics.

My main project includes an ongoing original series called Grigory:The Master Tailor. Other projects include book fanart you can find below.



The master tailor event posters

I am starting to design some eye-catching illustrations to promote the Master Tailor project I've been concocting over the last several months. Since it's shaping up to be an entire alternate universe of New Orleans, I'm going to need a lot more than concept art to carry it. It's now in the fledgling stages of a comic as well. There's a ton of trial and error, scrapping ideas altogether, and frustration, but it is coming together and I hope and need to finally update the site with some progress with the project.

The Cosmere & Books

Featuring fan works from Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere universe as well as fan art illustrations from other spectacular authors.