Where I work. 

Where I work. 

This is Jax. Senior project manager. Responsible for making sure appropriate breaks are had. Also, insists on making sure I leave my work area at 6pm. He accepts white rice balls and cucumbers as payment.



I am  a pretty ordinary artist. I spend most of my time in this area, working on my own projects, learning new skills, and taking a job or two every now and then. I have a very small group of friends and keep mostly to plain hobbies of reading (a lot) and games when I can pull myself away from art. I'm currently trying to write my own worlds, attempting comics for the time being, though I'd like to attempt short stories and maybe a novel one day.

My main goals for 2018 and beyond are to attend conventions, events, and sell my work. Honestly, I've never put in the effort to promote myself. I suppose it's just the miserly aspect I sometimes have that pops up every now and then. With creative types, some of us deal with those sort of struggles, and in my own way, helps me embrace how I create and when to use that to my advantage.

Contact Me: kelley@krhart.com

Frequently Asked Questions


Digital Art - Intuos Pro Medium - Smooth surface


Macbook Pro - 2015  | High Sierra

2.8 GHz Intel Core i7

Use: Digital sketches, thumbnails, color optimization | web editing, documents


Windows 10

Intel Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz

Use: High rendering passes, large file sizes, streaming, gaming



Corel Painter 2016 - 90% of all digital painting work

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 - 10 % of all digital painting work. Mostly used for print color correction, etc.


What does your traditional work process usually look like?

For traditional work, I usually start with very rough sketches. Sometimes thumbnails, but usually full size. I will clean on the drawing itself with erasers or just using a light sketch pass so it is easier to clarify in the next steps.   I will also use a Huion Lightboard (this model) for doing a clean pass for certain drawings with a high degree of detail, or if I want to do multiple concepts of the same pose.


I use an Epson scanner and clean up in Photoshop.  I will do alterations in Corel Painter (if necessary) using graphite and charcoal brushes that enhance my existing lines instead of masking them.


What does your digital work process usually look like?

After scanning my traditional files and cleaning them up, I do most of the painting process exclusively in Corel Painter. I use default brushes and modify them slightly if needed. I will draw straight digitally as well on certain images, I just prefer traditional art 98% of the time.


Resolution: 600DPI for paintings. 400DPI for concept and smaller works.


Do you sell prints or art books?

As of January 2018, I will begin selling prints and personal art books. Fan art prints will be coming, but only if I get permission from the creators. More than likely they will wish to license the images themselves. I shall link to those when and if they are available for purchase!


Do you have any WIP videos or tutorials available?

Coming Soon!


Did you go to art school?

No. I've drawn for quite a while, but learn through observation, persistence, and self study.


Do you take personal commissions?

Not as much as I used to! However, I will take one every now and again if the project is something I'd like to do. Feel free to check the commission and hire me link above to find out more information about my process and pricing lists!


Are you available for full-time or contract work?

I am available for freelance contracts.

However, I do not wish to relocate at the current time. I've relocated for work in industries that are unstable, in expensive parts of the US. Until wages can compete with the cost of living, I will only do contract work or take jobs in areas that are sustainable.