This project is very dear to me and has regretfully been left disorganized to gather dust in file folders. The Master Tailor is an expansive personal project that includes a series of short stores, a comic, polished illustrations, and concept art.  This style is less about the realism of my personal illustration and fan-art, and more focused on creating a world that is fresh and expressive.

Terriv is a world built around flourishing economies, inspired by 16th century French colonies and a mixture of post modern military and advanced metropolitan infrastructures. At its center, is an expansive Trading Company, nestled in it's own city-state of Pash, Its reach is woven through many ports across the world, making it an untouchable location between conflicting countries.

The Mersai Commonwealth seeks to regain control of the democratic nation of  New Frederick and the seat of the Pash city-state for reasons unknown

New Frederick has several houses that currently vie for authority. At the center of them all, one influential family keeps an abhorrent secret. The Villars hoard someone of unknown origins, someone rare and broken with an unbelievable ability, one of healing and of life.  The misuse of this man will create and inspire a morbid and twisted beauty; eventually becoming a tool of nightmares and destruction. A great opportunity for the democratic nation to retain their hard earned independence. Two friends around him, under intense secrecy, try their best to help recover him, and hope to begin a healing process for him, all while entangled in a mess of political bickering and strife between nations.


Coming soon.